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Hand-Tied Wefts 26" Melanie

Hand-Tied Wefts 26" Melanie

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Hand Tied Wefts are made by hand and are very delicate, because of this they can lay really flat and appear almost undetectable! Because they are made by hand, they CANNOT be cut on the seam or they will unravel and shed. You can stack up to 4-6 on one row and are compatible will all hair types! Hand Tied Wefts do have a small mustache of return hair under the seam that can be trimmed.

The extensions can last 9-12 months with proper hair care. Hair care instructions are provided with each extension order, found on the inside of the packaging! Most blonde extensions arrive more golden toned in the package, purple shampoo or tone with professional Demi Permanent color for the best results.

22-26” 120 gram package contains 6 pre-cut bundles (Do not cut on the seam)

  • 22-26” 60 gram package contains 3 pre-cut bundles (Do not cut on the seam)

  • Width Per Bundle: 12”

    Hand Tied Weft Ordering Guide

  • Full Head Install:

    120-240 grams

  • Fullness Install:

    60 grams

  • Safest Amount To Order:
    180 grams

AVAILABLE IN: various shades Blondes, Brunettes, and Reds

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